Jun 04

Shetland Ram lambs Available

Belle Manor Farms has 5 ram lambs available for this year. Please see our Livestock for sale page for details. Born to Rachael ( Ram – Yuglet/Sokket Grey )                 Born to Lacey ( Ram – Grey Katmoget)                 Born to …

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Feb 07

New Dexter Calves Arrive in 2014

1st calf Jan 11 2014 b

Mandy started things off this year on January 11th. Her little dun bull calf was born in between the snow storms but during a time we had really hard cold winds blowing. He was smart though, figuring the round bales of hay I had stored inside the pasture along the fence line would keep the …

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Feb 06

Nubian Goats for Dairy Products and Meat


This year the I am adding a small flock of goats to the farm. The first to arrive is Noshi, a Nubian bottle buckling. For anyone interested, his name is American Indian meaning ‘Father’. He will be matched with two Nubian does to provide goats milk for drinking, making soap and lotions, and for making …

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Feb 06

Dexter Cow Betty Announces The Arrival of Athena

Betty2 and calf born Feb 5 2013_3

I always thought spring was the time for babies but spring seems to have come early at Belle Manor Farms. My 4 year old Dexter cow gave birth to a sweet little heifer calf in the afternoon on Tuesday February 5th. This is Betty’s first little girl and she has been named Athena. Welcome to …

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Feb 02

First Dexter Calf of 2013

As always, Mannie kept a watchful eye as his new son came into the world. He has such a wonderful nature, easy to handle and will eat out of your hand. Mannie watches over his family from day to day and is always ‘on the job’. Zeus joined the family early on January 31st. His …

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Jan 30

Royal Palm Turkeys George and Wanda

Wanda & George

George originally just showed up at the farm. One morning he was in front of the gate to the yard when I went out to drop the trash in the can. I opened the gate and he went in…that was almost two years ago. Two weeks ago, I found someone willing to sell me a …

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Sep 15

Welcome to Belle Manor Farms


Belle Manor Farms was established in 2004 in southwest Missouri, one hour southwest of Springfield. The goal of Belle Manor is to be as self-supportive as possible using some of the methods small, self-supporting family farms were using prior to the 1950’s. It is my dream to make the farm as self-sufficient while returning to …

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