Sep 15

Welcome to Belle Manor Farms

Belle Manor Farms was established in 2004 in southwest Missouri, one hour southwest of Springfield. The goal of Belle Manor is to be as self-supportive as possible using some of the methods small, self-supporting family farms were using prior to the 1950’s. It is my dream to make the farm as self-sufficient while returning to a more natural organic way of living that is earth-friendly, healthier, and easier on the pocket.

Instead of focusing on a single aspect of daily life, I work at many different aspects of farming that would support a family’s needs. These methods include raising endangered heritage livestock such as Dexter cattle for use as dairy and beef animals; Shetland sheep for meat and fleece; farm-reared hogs for quality pork; free-range poultry and eggs; rabbits for meat and hides; keeping bees; growing herbs, fruits, berries and vegetables; canning and preserving; making cheese and butter; as well as making soap, bath salts, and body oils using natural herbs.

It is also my desire to be eco-friendly so I encourage recycling not only of metals and plastics; composting to reduce waste; and reuse an item or donate it to someone that might have a use for it.

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