Feb 02

First Dexter Calf of 2013

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As always, Mannie kept a watchful eye as his new son came into the world. He has such a wonderful nature, easy to handle and will eat out of your hand. Mannie watches over his family from day to day and is always ‘on the job’.

Zeus joined the family early on January 31st. His mom is Mary Lou and she has never had any problem giving birth or in taking care of her calves. This time Mother Nature was working against her. During a winter where you can have 70 degree short-sleeve days or days below freezing…she had to choose a day when the weather was absolutely frigid.

She had no problem in giving birth but due to the weather, the little guy was having a bit of trouble trying to stand up and move around without shaking from the chilly temperatures. Once the sun came up and I was able to move the two of them out of the hollow and up the hill into the sun, the little guy started to warm up and nurse.

All probably would have been fine without my intervention, but I’m a worry-wart about my babies and I just had to help. So starts another year of life at Belle Manor Farms.

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