Jan 30

Royal Palm Turkeys George and Wanda

Wanda & George2

George originally just showed up at the farm. One morning he was in front of the gate to the yard when I went out to drop the trash in the can. I opened the gate and he went in…that was almost two years ago. Two weeks ago, I found someone willing to sell me a single hen that was really super tame. I did not want a hen that would teach George to go over the perimeter fencing and out into the woods.

Wanda shows no sign of wanting to leave even though she can fly even better than George can. I’m not sure what I would do if one morning I went outside and wasn’t greeted by a familiar gobble. George looks after the chickens and ‘decorates’ the backyard. I should have new little ones this year if Wanda sets. Although I have hatched many in the incubator, I’m going to let nature take it’s course and see what happens. That’s how I would prefer things to happen… naturally.

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