Feb 06

Nubian Goats for Dairy Products and Meat


This year the I am adding a small flock of goats to the farm. The first to arrive is Noshi, a Nubian bottle buckling. For anyone interested, his name is American Indian meaning ‘Father’. He will be matched with two Nubian does to provide goats milk for drinking, making soap and lotions, and for making butter or cheese. Nubians are a dual purpose breed used for both dairy products and meat.

The Nubian’s size makes it a very useful dual purpose animal. The Nubian breed is among the highest in dairy breeds for butterfat production: producing on average a 5% or more butterfat content. Nubians are surpassed only by the Nigerian Dwarf , Pygmy goat and Boer goat breeds. These breeds are less likely to be used for large scale milk production such as in a dairy or cheese making. The Nubian milk has more flavor than lower fat milks because of the high butterfat. Overall on average, the milk production is lower than other dairy breeds.

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