Feb 07

New Dexter Calves Arrive in 2014

1st calf Jan 11 2014 b

Mandy started things off this year on January 11th. Her little dun bull calf was born in between the snow storms but during a time we had really hard cold winds blowing. He was smart though, figuring the round bales of hay I had stored inside the pasture along the fence line would keep the wind off of him. I had electric tape up and I know it works because it got me once but it didn’t stop him from going in around the bales in between nursings.

January 26 2014

Betty was next in line with her little one born mid-morning on January 26st. It was one of the warmest days we had in January getting all the way up to 52! Spunky little devil too. The cord was still bloody and it was running and bucking!

I still have three left to calf, two cows and a young heifer. I only expect one fairly soon but hopefully Mary Lou will wait until we get through with all this snow. I don’t expect Annabelle and Fannie to calve until late spring/early summer. I also have Rosebud here for now also expecting a calf but she should be in her new home before her date gets close. This past December I traded her to a couple in West Plains in exchange for a 16′ dual axle trailer. I’ve been needing one for quite awhile and the good Lord pointed me in the right direction and we made the deal. They are doing some traveling so Rosebud is staying ‘home’ for now safe and sound until things settle down at their house and then I’ll transport her to them.

Sometimes, I have to get a little creative to get what I need. I already have two calves spoken for, so if you’re interested in one, make sure to get in touch with me before they’re all gone!

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