Shetland Sheep Flock

Dusty b thumb



Registration # S 37718 Ram

Dusty thumb headshot 2b






Whipped Cream
Registration #S 20169 Ram





Minwawe Twizzler
Registration #S 24947 Ewe







Minwawe Twostep
Registration #S 22954 Ewe





Belle Manor Sharon (left)
Registration #S 34205 Twin Ewe

Belle Manor Rebecca (right)
Registration #S 34204 Twin Ewe




Sharon thumb2


Sharon (left) Rebecca (right)
Rebecca thumb2






Belle Manor Susie Q
Born April 27, 2011 to Rebecca
Registration #S 35424 Ewe



Susie Q and 2013 Ram lamb SmokeySusie Q and Smokey 2013b




Belle Manor Mya
Born May 7, 2011 to Twostep
Registration #S 35425 Twin Ewe

Mya and 2013 Ewe lamb CocoaMya and Cocoa 2013b





Belle Manor Smokey
Born March 30, 2013 to Susie Q
Registration #S Ram




Belle Manor Cinco — Sold
Born May 7, 2011
Registration #S 35426 Twin Ram





Heritage Ark David — Sold
Born May 17, 2011
Registration #S 34242 Twin Ram





Heritage Ark Daniel (Danny Boy) — Sold
Born May 17, 2011
Registration #S 34241 Twin Ram




Belle Manor Franklin (Frankie) — Sold
Born March 28, 2011 to Sharon
Registration #


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  1. Cheryl Franklin

    Hi… We have three Shetland ewes and due to several issues did not secure a Shetland ram for breeding this fall. I was wondering if would provide breeding services for hire for three ewes by any chance. If not, do you know of someone that has breeding service. We live almost hour west of Aurora.. south of Neosho. Thank you very much.

    1. calamitybrandybelle

      I wish I could help you get your girls bred. This year I have two rams breeding two different small groups. I haven’t ever provided breeding services with my rams although I have leased one of my bulls a couple of times. However, I do not have space to take on three ewes at this time and would not feel comfortable sending one of my boys off to an unknown location. I hope you can understand, this little homestead is my life. The critters here are like kids and if something should happen to one of my rams, I can’t afford to replace him at this time. Your girls are fed organic feed according to your website and mine are not fed totally organic. There is no way to separate them to feed either so it would cause an additional problem. At this time I don’t know anyone offering to lease a ram or breeding services. Sorry

  2. Stephanie Cyr

    I am looking for 4 shetland ewes and 2 shetland rams basically a small heard I was wondering if you still have any lambs for sale.

    1. calamitybrandybelle

      I have 3 ram lambs still available. 2 are Moorit and 1 is a Black Krunet. These 3 are $100 each when weaned. A $50 deposit will hold them until then.

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