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Shetland lambs for sale


All lambs for 2016 were sold. Please contact me to place your name on the waiting list for 2017 lambs.


20160409_193515 (1)



Born to Susie Q (Ram – Mirkface Sokett Gray) $175











Born to Susie Q (Ram – Black) $100











Born to Sharon (Ram – Musket) $100










Born to Lacey (Ram – Grey Katmoget) $175









Born to Rachael (Ram –  Yuglet/Sokket Grey) $175







All Shetland lambs from 2016 lambs so please get in touch early to reserve your place in line to choose from the lambs as they are born.

Susie Q and twin lambs2 Apr 5 2015b




Leopold born to Susie Q (Ram – More white face twin) SOLD
Lacie born to Susie Q (Ewe – More black face twin) SOLD












Dexter Stock for sale


In 2016 I had 3 heifer calves and 3 bull calves born. The 3 heifers are sold and traveled to MN to join a herd there. Annabelle and Athena both had bull calves and they are now weaned and available for sale. I have several names on the list for 2017 heifer calves but you never know who may change their mind or the calves might not be the right color or sex for those waiting. Let me know if, you may be interested.


Dexter calf pictures 2015

One heifer calf this year. SOLD

Bella May 20 2014



All Dexter calves for 2015 have been sold. As always there is a waiting list you are welcome to put your name if you are looking for something specific.

Stormy 2015b




Stormy born to Marylou January 24, 2015. SOLD








Bull calf Mar 31 2015b







Bull calf born to Annabelle March 31, 2015 SOLD





Dexter calves from 2016

Marylou and BMF Belle’s Tabitha born January 16, 2016 (SOLD)








Betty and BMF Belle’s Samantha born January 18, 2016 (SOLD)










Amanda and BMF Belle’s Endora born January 28, 2016 (SOLD)








Annabella and BMF Belle’s Sunny born July 7. 2016 $500








Athena and BMF Belle’s Scotty born August 6, 2016 $500


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  1. Laura Keck

    Hello Lynda,

    My name is Laura and I live in Huntsville, AR. I bought my first Shetland Sheep this past spring and I am interested in increasing my herd. I have looked at the registration on my sheep and I see the Minwawe name is on the record. I know that Spring is the time to buy, just wanted to see if there might be a waiting list I could camp out on? Thank you so much for all of your help and I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. calamitybrandybelle

      I have your name on my waiting list. Chat with you again in the spring!

    2. calamitybrandybelle

      Hi Laura,

      Just checking to see how your Shetlands are doing and letting you know I’ve updated the lamb photos on the website for the new 2015 lambs in case you’re interested.

  2. Beth Clappison

    Do you still have either of the ewe lambs from Sharon or the ram lambs from Grey Lady or Mya? Would any of the ram lambs be unrelated to the two ewes? Feel free to email me with more information on any lambs you have available.


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